Table of Contents

Speaking PowerPoint discusses the business shift to PowerPoint documents from text documents, and the need for new business managers to learn skills to thrive in this shift. The book discusses a 12-step process based on 40 years of research, called the Mindworks Presentation Method, for creating boardroom-style PowerPoint slides that will help you be clearer, more persuasive and more credible in the idea marketplace.

Section One: Story
First, you need to determine your deck’s overall message, support arguments and structure.

Chapter 1. Answer First
Chapter 2. Above-Water Argument
Chapter 3. Evidence
Chapter 4. Storyboard

Section Two: Slide
Next, you need to arrange content on your slide, including titles, text, charts, tables and images, to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Chapter 5. Slide Title
Chapter 6. Chunking
Chapter 7. Picture-Superiority Effect
Chapter 8. Text

Section Three: Design
Visually pleasing slides will make your ideas easier to agree with.

Chapter 9. Color
Chapter 10. Picture & Wallpaper
Chapter 11. Aesthetics
Chapter 12. Charts & Tables

Mindworks Method Planning Grid | download
Mindworks Method Manager’s Checklist | download
Color images from the book | download

  Schedule a workshop for your group or get your copy of Speaking PowerPoint: the new language of business.


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