The uglier the slides, the more you need storytelling

Have you ever had to deliver a presentation using someone else’s slides? Were they a mess?

This was the question asked by T.J. Walker on the Forbes blog.

This all-too-common occurrence is unfortunate, for both the presenter and the audience. In addition to the 7 tips offered by TJ, I would add the following:

8. Open with a strong story before even launching into your slides. This will grab the audience’s attention and help them connect with you in a way the slides never could.

9. Pepper stories, analogies and metaphors throughout your presentation. Complex slides will leave audiences baffled. Stories, analogies and metaphors clarify complex ideas.

10. Move around the presentation platform, and even into the audience. The audience will be drawn away from looking at the slides and drawn to looking at you

The rule of thumb is this: the uglier the slides, the more you need to use storytelling to grab attention, clarify complex ideas and engage the audience.

What other tips do you follow when you have to present someone else’s slides?

About the author: Bruce Gabrielle is author of Speaking PowerPoint: the new language of business, showing a 12-step method for creating clearer and more persuasive PowerPoint slides for boardroom presentations. Join my LinkedIn group or subscribe to this blog.

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