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Learn the new language of business in the boardroom

“This book changed my way of thinking about PowerPoint and how to use it. I strongly urge you to pick up a copy and give it a read.”

Chris Witt
Author, Real Leaders Don’t Do PowerPoint

You use PowerPoint at work to create strategic plans, executive briefings, research reports and other boardroom-style slides. But could your slides be clearer, more convincing and built in half the time? You bet!

Learn a new method for business managers and consultants who want to use PowerPoint more effectively to drive strategy. Speaking PowerPoint teaches a new proven approach to PowerPoint based on 40 years of research in brain science, instructional design and persuasion and will show you how to:

  1. Eliminate time wasters and complete PowerPoint decks three times faster
  2. Enhance your credibility with professional-looking slides using simple graphic design rules
  3. Make complex slides easier to understand and avoid “Death by PowerPoint” forever
  4. Make audiences more likely to agree with you by applying the proven principles of master persuaders

 “An outstanding resource for executives. This book presents fundamental principles for creating visuals that communicate and sell ideas in the boardroom and beyond.”
– Tonya Fuhs Wallace, Director, Leadership Development at Chicago Booth

“Finally, we can graduate from ad-hoc and rule-of-thumb advice to a scientifically proven method for really winning in the idea marketplace.”
-Zubair Murtaza, Senior Director, Microsoft Corp.

“Gabrielle’s book grabbed and held my attention once I understood its purpose: presentations targeted at boardroom audiences (decision makers), not ballroom audiences (conference attendees). You’ll learn plenty of new techniques. I know I did. This one’s a keeper.”
-Michael McLaughlin, Editor, Management Consulting News 

“Practical advice to enhance your ability to persuade, influence and inform in today’s business world where PowerPoint is an essential business and communications tool.”
-Gerardo A. Dada, Senior Director, Bazaarvoice

“This is the thinking person’s book on PowerPoint presentations. Full of interesting, important, innovative and – at times – provocative ideas that can elevate any corporate presentation.”
-David K. Farkas, Ph.D., University of Washington

“Where Bruce’s book excels is in its relevance to the way that business gets done. He helps you identify what you should communicate and what can be left out…all with the goal of being as effective as possible.”
-Jeremy Epstein, Never Stop Marketing

“Boardroom presentations would be a lot better if all business presenters read this book. It’s the kind of book that training managers should be handing out to all employees who do in-house presentations.”
– Ellen Finkelstein, presentation skills trainer, author of PowerPoint for Teachers and PowerPoint MVP

 “The first presentation book I’ve read that deals with the full range of presentation styles (reading decks, business decks, conference decks) and how to formulate your arguments into a cohesive message that looks suberb.”
Stu Downes, End User Service Strategy Manager, Global IT System Integrator

“Should be required reading for everyone who prepares and delivers business presentations.”
– Daria Steigman, Communications Strategist, Steigman Communications

“Thanks for confirming some of what I knew but providing me with a truckload of new ideas and manners in which to take my presentations and content to a new level.”
– Jeffrey Fritzson, Sr. Sales and Talent Integration Consultant, Business Critical Resources, co-author of Focus on Buyers: Selling from Your Prospect’s Point of View

3 Responses to About the Book

  1. I find the lack of color in your illustrations really frustrating, particularly in the chapters about color – even though I think the message is excellent. Going to the website and then back and forth to the book makes it much more difficult to absorb your message. I’d suggest you consider taking your own design advice in your next edition and bring the color closer to the text.

    • Hi Andy – Thanks for your feedback – hot and cold – about the book.

      I agree it would be more convenient for the reader if the book was printed in color, rather than just providing the color images on the website. And the book’s impact would also be enhanced if the book was printed in color. I’d be very proud and pleased to have Speaking PowerPoint available in color.

      But color printing is expensive and would raise the cost of the book to $60-$70. There are ways to lower those costs for larger publishers. But it’s a challenge for smaller publishers.

      The good news is the materials can still be learned even if the book is in black and white. And I am still very interested in producing a color version of the book at some point. Your comments are a good reminder that this is important to many readers, so thank you.

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