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Is This Ethical? PowerPoint and the Michael Jackson Trial

At Michael Jackson’s manslaughter trial, lawyers opened with PowerPoint slides showing Jackson’s dead body under the word “Homicide”. At the blog, Carmine Gallo rightly points this out as an example of the power of using pictures to persuade an audience … Continue reading

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Story of US Housing Market Boom and Bust in 3 Pictures

The essence of a story is that it has a beginning, middle and end. As an example, take a look at this story, told in three pictures, summarizing the US Housing market Boom & Bust.About the author: Bruce Gabrielle is author of … Continue reading

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Find the Perfect PowerPoint Font in 5 Steps

You want the perfect font to complement your perfect picture. For instance, this uncreative slide has the default Calibri font. Ugh! Which font would work better? Here’s five steps to find the perfect font. 1. Determine the shape/lines in the picture. Use … Continue reading

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3 tricks when the picture won’t fit

Sometimes your picture fits awkwardly on the slide, leaving an unfinished-looking section of slide. What do you do? Here’s my three favorite tricks. 1. Use a background color from the picture. Find a color that matches the picture using Color Cop, and use that … Continue reading

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Create that cool Polaroid photo effect – PowerPoint video tip #9

When you have a picture that fits awkwardly on your PowerPoint slide, leaving a lot of whitespace, consider turning it into picture. You can use this neat trick to make it look like a Polaroid photo. Give it a try! (Update: … Continue reading

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Finding pictures for commercial use in PowerPoint slides

You need a picture for your PowerPoint slide, and you’ve found the perfect picture on someone’s website. Can you use it? Now, I’m no lawyer, so this is not legal advice. And I’m only familiar with copyright law in the … Continue reading

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Create your own slick-looking silhouettes – PowerPoint video tip #2

Bring your boring business slides to life by adding pictures of people. Where do you find pictures that are free, look professional and give you full rights to use them any way you want? You make them yourself in about … Continue reading

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