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WOW! Top 9 Tricks to Get Retweeted (Please RT!)

Want more of your tweets to be retweeted? The #1 tip is to keep your tweets under 70 characters so that retweeters can add their own comments like “interesting” or “so true”. That’s the findings from this study. Here’s the top 9 … Continue reading

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Should you read your slides? The “Mayer Myth” busted!

Some people are adamant you should never read your slides. Why? In part, because of research by Richard Mayer, author of Multi-Media Learning. But his research has been misinterpreted and misquoted, turning into the “Mayer Myth”. In his famous study, he found students learned … Continue reading

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Does chartjunk really trash your graphs? 4 discoveries from research

Among graph-makers, a debate rages. One camps say remove all “non-essential” items from graphs, including gridlines, tick marks and even color inside the bars – what Edward Tufte calls chartjunk — because it conveys no useful information and inteferes with readability. … Continue reading

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