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Graph Makeover by Andy Arrow

This is a great graph makeover by presentation designer Andy Arrow. The ideas expressed in this video are the foundational stuff of great graphs.   Some main principles 1. Clarify the graph’s main message in the title 2. Take what’s … Continue reading

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Table Makeover: How Do I Avoid that Checkerboard Effect?

It’s easy to create tables in PowerPoint. But it takes some thought and design skills to create a really attractive and effective table. In this blog article, I want to show you some principles for creating better tables. This post … Continue reading

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Graph Makeover – Chart of the Day, How Email Use is Changing

The measure of a chart is how quickly it conveys the message while being visually pleasing. Conveying the message is, of course, the main point of the chart. Visually pleasing is also important because it enhances your credibility. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Graph Makeover – Great Graphs Don’t Just Happen

Here’s a terrific post at the blog by Naomi Robbins, using a graph makeover to show that great graphs require thought; they don’t just happen.  I loved Naomi’s advice, but I saw room for additional improvement. As an educational exercise to help you build … Continue reading

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Slide Makeover – John Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Deck

The U.S. voted to increase the debt ceiling and now John Boehner’s PowerPoint deck, explaining the plan, is already drawing traffic tickets from the PowerPoint vigilantes online. Infractions so far: use of bullet points, use of a blue background and … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s health care PowerPoint slides improved in 5 steps

Mitt Romney has been criticized for using PowerPoint slides to explain his health care plan. His slides are a bit of a mess but I want to demonstrate some principles of slide design by re-doing his slides. 1. Does the audience … Continue reading

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3 tricks when the picture won’t fit

Sometimes your picture fits awkwardly on the slide, leaving an unfinished-looking section of slide. What do you do? Here’s my three favorite tricks. 1. Use a background color from the picture. Find a color that matches the picture using Color Cop, and use that … Continue reading

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