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Story of US Housing Market Boom and Bust in 3 Pictures

The essence of a story is that it has a beginning, middle and end. As an example, take a look at this story, told in three pictures, summarizing the US Housing market Boom & Bust.About the author: Bruce Gabrielle is author of … Continue reading

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The Heart of Every Story – The Hero

Does every story need a hero? The answer is yes. The hero is the heart — the emotional center — of your story. Now, the hero doesn’t have to be a human being. It can even be an inanimate object, as … Continue reading

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Find the Human Face in Your Data to Uncover the Story

You can bring your boring data to life if you’ll approach your numbers, not as an analyst, but as a journalist. Data just counts the thousands of decisions that human beings make – products they buy, taxes they pay, homes … Continue reading

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Don’t Build Slides Until they Pass the “Coffee Test”

Want to build a presentation that will grab attention and hold it until the end? Want to make sure it goes viral? Then don’t build slides until they pass the “coffee test”. The coffee test comes from Robert McKee, author … Continue reading

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Master the Boomerang Metaphor and Win Any Argument

Metaphors are powerful weapons of persuasion. But when that metaphor reverses in mid-flight and comes back to smack you, it’s called a boomerang metaphor. A humorous example is of the supremely self-confident Muhammad Ali. Sitting on an airplane, Ali was approached by a stewardess and … Continue reading

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Google+ Needs a Better Story

Have you heard about Google Plus, Google’s social networking platform to challenge Facebook and Twitter? Are you excited? Or, like most on the internet, are you simply confused? The problem is Google’s story. Let me explain and then give some … Continue reading

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How can Netflix become the Story’s Hero Instead of the Villain?

Netflix is taking a public flogging for raising fees 60% – to $16/month from $10/month. 50,000 customers have posted angry comments to Netflix’s Facebook page and the assault continues on the site with thousands of additional rants. The problem is the … Continue reading

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