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Even More Ways to Print White Lines in PowerPoint – PowerPoint Video Tip #14

In a previous video, I showed you white lines in PowerPoint are printed as black lines. And I showed you a workaround. Then presentation designer Krzysztof Baszton contacted me to tell me there are more elegant ways to accomplish this. Watch. … Continue reading

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How to Print White Lines – PowerPoint video tip #13

So you’ve created a great-looking slide. But it may not look the same when they are printed as handouts. PowerPoint especially has troube with white lines, like table borders and shape borders. But here’s a workaround so your handouts look … Continue reading

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How to Create Triangle-Shaped Tables – PowerPoint video tip #12

You can build pyramid shapes using SmartArt, but there are some limitations to SmartArt I don’t like: can’t use other shapes (eg. circle, hexagon), text pop-up keeps appearing while you’re editing the smallest detail. I generally like the look of … Continue reading

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Straighten Out Sloppy Slides with 3 Alignment Tools – PowerPoint video tip #11

Sloppy slides are like the used car salesman with the bad hair combover, rumpled suit and ketchup stains on his tie. You don’t know if you can trust him. That’s the not the impression you want to make in business. Instead, … Continue reading

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Create gorgeous textured slide backgrounds – PowerPoint video tip #10

Textured backgrounds give your slides more personality. Here’s how to create them yourself, using free images available online. Also see this post on textured backgrounds by presentation designer Magda Maslowska. (Photos © Brandon Warren   © Eric M Martin   © alles-schlumpf   © … Continue reading

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Create that cool Polaroid photo effect – PowerPoint video tip #9

When you have a picture that fits awkwardly on your PowerPoint slide, leaving a lot of whitespace, consider turning it into picture. You can use this neat trick to make it look like a Polaroid photo. Give it a try! (Update: … Continue reading

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Create sexy curved lines in PowerPoint – PowerPoint video tip #8

Straight lines are dull. But curved lines are exciting, energetic, sexy! And, they’re super-easy to make in PowerPoint. Watch! About the author: Bruce Gabrielle is author of Speaking PowerPoint: the new language of business, showing a 12-step method for creating … Continue reading

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