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Even More Ways to Print White Lines in PowerPoint – PowerPoint Video Tip #14

In a previous video, I showed you white lines in PowerPoint are printed as black lines. And I showed you a workaround. Then presentation designer Krzysztof Baszton contacted me to tell me there are more elegant ways to accomplish this. Watch. … Continue reading

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Obama Re-Elected? Graphs Tell the Story

Will President Barack Obama get re-elected? History shows Americans prefer to re-elect presidents instead of electing new ones, with 7 of the last 10 presidents winning their re-election bid. And what about President Obama? The numbers tell a gloomy story for President … Continue reading

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Show Percentage vs Goal With the Progress Bar Chart

On the Microsoft Office LinkedIn group, someone asked this question: “Which chart is better to show percentage to goal results?” It’s common in business presentations to show progress toward a goal, like percentage of sales versus sales quota or percentage … Continue reading

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Graph Makeover by Andy Arrow

This is a great graph makeover by presentation designer Andy Arrow. The ideas expressed in this video are the foundational stuff of great graphs.   Some main principles 1. Clarify the graph’s main message in the title 2. Take what’s … Continue reading

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A New Way to Visualize Data = The Grable

Cole Nussbaumer, at the Storytelling with Data blog, has introduced a useful term for data visualization in business: the Grable. It’s a combination of a table and a graph. Tables are good for some things, like looking up specific values and … Continue reading

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Table Makeover: How Do I Avoid that Checkerboard Effect?

It’s easy to create tables in PowerPoint. But it takes some thought and design skills to create a really attractive and effective table. In this blog article, I want to show you some principles for creating better tables. This post … Continue reading

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Why the Right Color Can Make or Break Your Presentation

Slide colors are important because color affects our mood, which in turn can affect whether or not your audience will agree with you. I was reminded of this important point when I stumbled across this image of the funeral procession of North … Continue reading

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